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Every successful fundraising start with a smile.

On the following series of articles we set out to answer the basic questions everyone trying to organize a succesful fundraiser faces. The goal is to get you started quickly in your path to a productive experience to raise more money for your cause.

Fundamentals for a successful fundraising.

Fundamentals for a succesful fundraiserSet a clear goal, get your message out there, create awareness and prepare your volunteers. Here we lay the basis for a successful fundraising. Read More>>

Organizing Your School Fundraiser
Fundraising OrganizationIf you want your fundraiser to be successful you need to plan it carefully. This article quickly goes over some simple but frequently overlooked points of fundraising organization. Read More>>

Creative Fundraising Ideas that Work
Creative fundraising ideasEspecially in times like these, being creative could be the difference between a successful fundraiser and not so good results. Here we share some out of the box ideas that can make your fundraising more successful. Read More>>

Fundraising with No Ad Budget
Fundraising advertising budgetCommunity awareness is fundamental to the success of any fundraiser. Here we share some ideas to achieve community awareness without spending in advertising. Read More>>

Raise More Funds
Fundraising more fundsBenefit from this simple techniques and methods to run a successful giving campaign with maximum outcome. Read More>>

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