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Every successful fundraising start with a smile.

Tips To Raise More Funds With School Fundraisers

When organizing a charity fundraiser, you also want to make sure that you have excellent key people in charge. Fundraising tips to raise more fundsOrganization is important. Mistakes can cost money and when you are trying to raise money, you are setting yourself further and further back with every mistake that you make. It would also be wise to schedule no one for more than 15 hours of work on the project. More than that can cause resentment and burn-out, neither of which you need when working on a fundraiser. The energy should be upbeat, positive and only people with the most energy should be in charge.

Before you can get started, you need to have a clear goal of how many funds you need to raise and you should have a sample sales script and actually work on that with the kids. Let them say it enough times that the kids are comfortable with it. You should try throwing some simple objections at them to see how they handle those too. The more comfortable they feel, the better the job they are going to do. Role play is the fastest way to get used to a script. Try it out loud with the whole group, then let some of them practice parts around the room. Then break them up into groups of 2-3 and let them practice with each other.

First thing to teach your budding sales people is how to properly introduce themselves:

Be enthusiastic and SMILE when you say "Hi, my name is _____________ and I am with _____________. You may have heard of us. Every year we raise money for _________________. "

It also helps to let people know how you did LAST year. For example "With your help last year, we were able to meet our goal and buy new band uniforms for the entire band. Thanks so much for you support! THIS year our goal is to raise enough money to buy new basketball jerseys for the boys and girls teams."

Now you have buttered them up, so to speak, and you have thanked them. You have also clearly told them what last year's money went for and what the goal for this year's money is. Now it is up to you to let them know HOW to help.

"This year, we are selling tee shirts that show your support of insert school name and all the proceeds will go straight to new basketball uniforms. How many can I put you down for?" You have clearly stated how they can help and asked for the sale, all in one easy paragraph.

Now practice basic rebuttals with the kids:

  1. I don't need any tee shirts - "I understand, but everyone wears tee shirts and it is for a GREAT cause. If you can't afford a whole tee-shirt, maybe you'd like to make a small donation instead? Can I put you down for $10?"
  2. I'm broke – That's okay, if you'd like to write a post-dated check, we can take those and you can still be able to help! How many tee-shirts would you like?
  3. I donated to a different group this week - "Your donations are tax deductible and we could use your help too. Remember that you can write a post-dated check."

These are just a few examples. The more you role play, the better the kids will get!

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