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Every successful fundraising start with a smile.

Fundraise with No Ad Budget

It is possible to get some publicity for your fund raiser event if you know where to start. First of all, try writing a short press release. IfFundraise advertising budget you don't know how to do that, try some links on the internet that give examples of press releases and you can use their template. Send your press release to all the local newspapers.

You should also try calling the local press and see if they have a human interest reporter. This person may be interested in doing an article on what your group is raising funds for and this is great for you. If they print an article, you can provide a website address fro your group's fundraiser and drive traffic for donations in this way. You can also build an email address log so that you can send out news of new fundraisers in the future.

Consider using your FaceBook account to spread the word and even ask your volunteers to do the same. Using social media to drive people back to your own website or to call you is a great way to get more people involved. Get your own website going viral in no time!

Ask other clubs and organizations to give your group a plug at their next meeting or in their latest newsletter.

Ask local store fronts if you can put posters up in their windows, at gas pumps, on table toppers at the local restaurants...anywhere that people will see.

Make you plans and your goals common knowledge by constantly addressing your message. My your goals synonymous with your name. As soon as people hear your name, you want them to automatically associate you with your cause, whether that is getting new school uniforms or saving wildlife. Your motto or mission statement needs to be on every single flier or pamphlet that you print. It also needs to be on ANYTHING that has your name on it, as well as a way to contact you to donate.

In today's internet world, you simply MUST have a website set-up that people can use their credit cards on to donate. If you don't do this, you are missing out on money, period. There are many places out there that will not only host your site, but make it very quick and easy to set-up a site with a merchant account and you don't need to know a lot about websites, just how to follow instructions.

Now you have your fliers, you mission statement, your press releases and your website all up and running, go out and talk to people! Remember that word of mouth is still, by far the best way of spreading the news on anything. Give people faces to go with the name. Ask your volunteers to talk to one new person each day and make that a goal. Set clear goals for everything, step by step and make it fun and easy for your volunteers to do. Do not make is seem like work. Fund raising can be fun. It is possible to get a large group of people moving in the right direction and feeling good about it. You have to positive and upbeat, approachable and friendly. Drive your people to success, by showing them how to have fun doing it!

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