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Every successful fundraising start with a smile.

Creative Fundraising Ideas that Work

Asking people for money, especially in times like these when money is just hard to come by and people can barely pay their own bills, just doesn't always yield the best results. Try some other methods of getting donations. First of all, a lot of people will happily donate used items that your group or club can either use or possibly sell. Why not try having a great big yard sale with all donated items?

Creative fundraising ideasAnother possible thing to do is host a food drive. People will often gladly give canned goods from their pantry when they have no money to give. In fact, a great many people who are having hard times right now are getting help with food stamps, so food is the one thing that they are not as worried about right now. You may stand a really good chance of getting help from folks like this, in this way.

Another thing that you can do is ask people to donate their time, if they aren't able to offer you assistance with money. People generally are very giving and very happy to help with a good cause, but they are simply nickel and dimed by so many charities that are all looking for help at the same time. Why not give people easier ways of helping you out? If you are looking for donations to help build a new storage shed at a food pantry and someone has no money, perhaps they have building supplies, old tools or the ability to come and help? Why not ask?

If you are going to have a bake sale, you can ask people for donations of food and mixes. If they don't have food or money, perhaps they could donate their time baking or do a turn at the table to help sell the items? The more options that you give people to choose from, the more likely that you are going to get them to help you in some way.

Having a car wash is a great way to earn money and if people can't afford to get their car washed, offer to wash their dog for less. If they can't have anything washed, ask for a bottle of soap to help with the wash. Maybe they have some old wash cloths that you can use or brushes for wire rims that they can donate to your cause. Don't be afraid to ask people for paint and wood to make signs because they might just have that lying around and it is money that you don't have to spend. The less you have to spend to PREPARE for you fundraiser, then the more actually goes into your coffers for what you are raising the money for. Every little bit helps and every single option that you can give people will yield more results in the help that you can get! Never turn down a donation of anything at all, because you never know how it might come in handy. Also, don't forget to thank your donors. This is a simple act and it will make the difference whether people help you the next time. A simple thanks either in person or a general thanks that you might even get the newspaper to print for free, will make it much easier to get help the next time from these same people.

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